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Here you will find some questions and answers of general interest that might be useful to you.
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What is Coaching?

“ICF defines coaching as 'a partnership with clients that, through a creative process, stimulates reflection, inspiring them to maximise their personal and professional potential'.” 

Coaching methodologies are 'outcome-oriented' rather than 'problem-centred'. They tend to be strongly 'solution-centred', to stimulate the development of new thinking and action strategies.

How long does the coaching process last?

The duration of the coaching process has an agreed time frame between coach and coachee. The duration depends on various factors, such as the frequency of sessions, the work needed for the client to reach the goal, or the time needed to adapt to change. It is a dynamic and flexible process where Coach and Coachee can also decide to extend it according to the Coachee's needs.

Who is Coaching aimed at?

Coaching is aimed at individuals, groups and companies who want to get the best out of their potential through personal growth and greater self-awareness.

Where do the coaching sessions take place?

Coaching sessions take place online, by appointment. Video call tools such as Google Meet and Skype can be used.

What is a session and how long does it last?

A coaching session is the single meeting between coach and coachee (client). A coaching session is a structured conversation that follows well-defined steps to accompany the person in the identification of goals, timeframes and action plans to be implemented. The duration varies from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the needs expressed by the client and the agreements established between coach and coachee.

How much does a Coaching Course cost?

To see available plans and prices go to the dedicated page by clicking below

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