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I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Mindfulness (MBSR) Teacher, specialised in Life & Mindfulness Coaching, with the mission of helping people find their space to know themselves and explore their potential, on a conscious path of discovery, personal development, joy and well-being. 

Mindfulness can be a generous companion on the coaching journey, helping to cultivate an attitude of presence.


your motivations

Do you wish to live with greater awareness and fullness? Do you need to find clarity and balance to cope with change? Do you feel the need to achieve a greater sense of well-being and fulfilment?

What I can do for you

As a coach, I help nurture the ability to live in the moment and allow space for presence, to allow all potential to emerge and express itself.


My coaching style

Starting with 'not-doing' to take the time to reflect and listen to oneself, in a journey that starts from one's inner space and then opens up to the outside.

Getting to know oneself, identifying one's own talents, finding one's own motivations, the meaning of things, understanding oneself and how one communicates with others, cultivating one's own wellbeing as a source and energy for a full and conscious living of one's own experiences, needs and goals.

An open approach to listening and meeting, for personal development in full harmony with one's deepest needs.


How does a coaching process work?


Initial state: Desire for change


First step: free exploratory session


Process: coaching pact and online pathway


Last step: process conclusion and results analysis

Hands in the Soil

The Importance of Trust in Coaching

To approach a person interested in coaching is first and foremost for me an act of trust, unconditional trust to be established between us.

Trust that naturally emerges when we open up to open and transparent communication where listening becomes generous and boundless.

would you like to begin your journey of discovery, development and well-being?

Ivan is a caring and professional coach. During my sessions with him I am learning about myself and others from new perspectives. Our sessions are refreshing and constructive. I am amazed by Ivan's ability to make me think about important concepts. I feel like a different person, I believe in my goals thanks to Ivan and I am confident of achieving them.

Martina V.

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